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Photographers Glossary

A Short & Simple Photographer’s Glossary

These are all super relevant especially when considering sun glare and water reflections when it comes to taking marina and yacht photos.

Just like any other profession, the job of a photographer includes a lot of professional terms. Here is a short and simple guide that will help you understand the language of photography better.


Basically, an aperture is the size of the opening of a lens. This feature determines how light or dark the photo is going to turn out. The wider the opening of the aperture is – the lighter the image will appear. Moreover, wide apertures usually make the background unfocused.
The feature is measured in f-stops. F/22 is a narrow opening; f/1.8 is a wide opening.


A beautiful effect, when the lights are out of focus on the image. It is created with the help of wide apertures.


If a photo is underexposed, it is considered to be too dark. An overexposed photo, in its turn, is too light. So, exposure is how light of dark your image is. You can control its intensity with the help of ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Focal Length

A focal length can tell you how ‘zoomed in’ your images will appear in the end. A 35mm lens, for example, will make the images more zoomed in than an 18mm lens. Scientifically, it is the distance between the lens itself and the image that it forms.


If a thing from the image is in focus it is sharp and vivid. Things that are out of focus usually appear blurry. Depending on the mode of your camera, you can choose to focus either on one object or on multiple things.

Flash Sync

Usually, the flash fires at the very beginning of the photo. But with the help of flash sync you can make it go off in the end of the picture, for example.


This feature shows how sensitive a certain camera is to light. ISO 100 makes the camera practically insensitive – you can easily shoot at bright light. High ISO can make the image grainy; it is used for taking photos in low light. ISO can be regulated with shutter speed and aperture.

Long Exposure

Such an image uses a long shutter speed or has been exposed for a long time. Landscape photographers shoot still objects in low light while using long exposure. Moving objects can be turned into an interesting blur.


The grain in the image.


It is a file type that gives the photographer more control over the editing process.

Shutter Speed

It means how long the shutter stays open to let in the light. The longer it stays open – the more light is let in. But if something moves while the shutter is open – it becomes blurry.

Time Lapse

A video made with the help of several photos of one place. But the trick here is that all of them have been taken at a different time.

White Balance

Adjusting the white balance in your camera will help the things that are white in real life appear white on the image, instead of looking blue or yellow.

Written by an expert photographer – © david dean.

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